unnamed (2)The quality of life of patients is often most adversely affected by the length of the waiting periods before receiving necessary treatment. We can eliminate these waiting periods.


Budapest Medical Services, based in Hungary, is a private service provider. 100% owned by medical doctors, we are dedicated to helping patients receive treatment by top specialists working in a world class healthcare system.


As medical specialists in our own right we are in a position to immediately evaluate your needs, and provide direct medical treatment. We can also arrange appointments with peer­recommended surgeons specialized in the field of expertise that your treatment requires, in the most time and cost­efficient manner possible.

As a private service provider we perform operations that reduce or avoid normal waiting list periods; we can secure appointments even for hip or knee replacements within a period as short as a fortnight.


Seeking treatment via Budapest Medical Services under the EU Directive route, we will help you claim reimbursement from the NHS for treatment costs, and prior to any commitment from you, we will provide you with full details on expected non­reimbursable costs.

Our team provides you with personalized linguistic, logistical, administrative, medical and moral support throughout your entire treatment period.