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Top specialists

We  have  an  extensive  network  of  hand  picked  surgeons recommended  by  their peers for their skill and experience in the specific subspecialty that your treatment requires, as well as their ethics and “bedside manner”. Your  consultant will deal with  your  treatment  personally  from  start  to  finish  and  will  be  on  hand  for  your postoperative care.

Quality medical facilities

Our  surgeons  work  in  several  establishments  and  they  will  select  the  medical facility offering the best technology platform for your treatment. All facilities meet extremely stringent health and safety criteria and the medical equipment is state­-of­-the-­art.

Highly personalised service

We will accompany you through the whole process, from liaising with your referring practitioner  and  your  selected  surgeon  to  helping  organise  your  travel  and  hotel accommodation  as  well  as  scheduling  the  various  tests  and  consultations  in  a time­ and cost­effective manner. Our in­house senior consultant will be on­hand to clarify  any  complex  medical  aspects  of  your  treatment.  Seeking  treatment  via Budapest Medical Services under the EU Directive route, we will help  you  claim reimbursement from the NHS for treatment costs.

A comprehensive treatment plan

Our aim is to make your treatment as efficient, cost­effective and comfortable as possible. We will provide you with a detailed schedule of lead times, required tests (blood,  MRI,  etc.)  and  minimum  hospital  stay  durations  and  expected  recovery times. We can also organise for you to have your tests done in Hungary which is often  more  convenient  and  cost­effective.  Our  post­operative  care  includes arranging  nearby  accommodation,  follow­up  consultations,  postoperative  pain management, physiotherapy and nutritional advice. We can also organise (If you wish) your complete rehabilitation including medical spa treatment.

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