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“I have recently returned from Hungary after having a total hip replacement. I used the services of Budapest Medical Services and I cannot praise them highly enough. From the initial contact to the day I returned home every question I had was answered fully, everything was well organised and nothing was too much trouble. I spent two weeks in the hospital where I had the operation, followed a rehabilitation, totally different to the 4-5 days that I could have expected in an NHS hospital. Costs, compared to the UK, 18 days weeks all in for around £5800 (the operation was £ 4850) operation over here for 3 nights only£14,500. I have no hesitation in recommending Budapest Medical Services.”

By Sophia from London, UK (Oktober 2014. Total Hip replacement)


“I was well looked after, everything was explained about my operation. I was acompanied each step of the way and all my concerns dealt with quickly with a minimum of fuss. All in all a very positive experience, I would not hesitate to use Budapest Medical Services again.”

By Peter from Zagreb, Croatia (November 2014. Gall Bladder removal)


“I had a sterilisation by laparoscopy after my second labor a few years ago. Now I have a new relationship and wanted to do it back. First I went to my doctor who said that since it is „not medical indicated” she is afraid that it can not be covered by my insurance. So I started to looking after a place where they do it privatelly. Since I already went to Hungary for dental care I also checked Hungary as an option. I find Budapest Medical Services and I am praise the God to do it. They were fast, well organized and affordable. Dr. Bino explained me everything, before and after the operation and they took care of me. With the Hospital and the treatment I was completly satisfield. As the doctor said that the operation was succesfull, we hope that I will be able to be pregnant again.”

By Nadine from Murau, Austria (November 2014. Revers female sterilisation)


“I had three vaginal labor. After a while I wanted a vaginal tightening. Of course first I tried at home but since there was a long waiting row ( They said that my condition won’t be worst because of a wait) so I checked the private sector. Since I found them expensive I looked after on the treatment abroad website. I checked the costs and called those who gave the best price and conditions for me. I hesitated a lot before I traveled to Budapest… So I and my sister arrived to the airport where Attila the driver picked me up. He took me to the Hotel helped to check in thsn he took me to the doctor’s office. dr. Bino exam me and explain everything. We plained the operation the next day but sterilisation by laparoscopy after my second labor a few years ago. Now I have a new relationship and wanted to do it back. First I went to my doctor who said that since it is „not medical indicated” she is afrand the anaestheziologist suggest to postpone my surgery a few days later. First I was very disappointed but dr. Maria organized a city quide for us and also some beauty treatments for my sister so after all it was great. Than I had the operation and since the doctor used a resolvabe stiches he did not need to remove it. After a few days I travelled home. After all I am completly satisfield and I will suggest my friends to check their surgery on treatment abroad.”

By Carla from Aviano, Italy (December 2014. Vaginal tightening)


“My sister Carla wanted to has a vaginal tightening abroad. She find Budapest Medical and booked the surgery with them. She asked me to go with her. So we arrived and after the doctors and anaestheziologist cons. they postponed her surgery because of a flu. So we had a few days in Budapest. dr. Maria asked me if I want some beauty treatment beacause she can organized it for me. We went to dr. Molnar who is a great plastic surgent and also do botox and fillers treatments. Since his price was much lover than in Italy I asked him to do my fillers and some botox treatment. The result was super!!! We travel there for something else but next time It is possible that I will go back to do it again.”

By Gabrielle from Aviano, Italy (December 2014. Botox and fillers)