Otolaryngology (ENT) – Budapest Medical Services

9712203_sThis field deals with the diseases of the ear, the nose and paranasal sinuses, the mouth cavity and salivary glands, the pharynx and the larynx and the treatment of voice disorders.

The work of our otolaryngologists is supported by a well-equipped technical background: if further investigation is needed, they can perform laboratory tests, allergy tests, radiology examinations and audiometry.

Our specialists primarily use traditional and alternative medication in case of outpatient treatment, but at the same time, they are also experienced in the field of surgical interventions.

We offer the folowing otolaryngology surgeries:

• Myringotomy (incision of the eardrum)
• Myringoplasty
• Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)
• Parotid gland removal
• Removal of tonsils from the pharynx (tonsillectomy)
• Ear bone plastic surgery
• Vocal cord surgeries
• Radiofrequency palatoplasty for snoring
• Removal of benign laryngeal tumors
• Surgeries for benign neck tumors
• Surgical correction of the position of the external ear
• Soft palate surgery
• Microscopic laryngeal surgery
• Uvula excision
• Nasal bone reconstruction
• Adenotomy
• Rhinoplasty
• Nasal polyp removal
• Nasal septum surgery + polyp removal
• Nasal endoscopy
• Nasal cauterization (to sop nosebleeds)
• Surgical opening of ethmoids
• Abscess incision

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