Dupuytrens Fasciectomy Dupuytrens

Read through this page for some basic information on a Dupuytren’s fasciectomy. Further questions should be directed to your doctor or other healthcare professional.

All about Dupuytren’s disease

The signs of this disease are shown by what looks like scarring on the palms of your hands and the fingers. Fingers curling towards the palms happens when the fibrous connective tissue in the palms has thickened. This condition is known as Dupuytren’s contracture.


How surgery can help

Surgery not only straightens the fingers but also makes using your hand easier.

Other treatments

An alternative treatment is a needle aponeurotom but you are left with a greater risk of the condition recurring.

As of yet, it is uncertain whether an injection of collagenase into the band of scar tissue is effective, as this drug and treatment are new. Surgery is currently the treatment with the best results.

The operation – what is involved

This procedure may be performed to different degrees: cutting the fibrous band in your palm or taking away the scarred skin and covering the area with skin grafts.

The are a number of anaesthetic procedures available for this operation.

Possible complications – general

• Bleeding
• Pain
• Scarring
• Infection of the wound

Possible complications – specific

• Finger joint stiffness
• No sense of feeling in the fingers
• Injury to a finger artery
• Incomplete correction of the problem
• Recurring Dupuytren’s disease
• Problems with wound-healing
• Acute pain, stiffness and loss of hand mobility (aka complex regional pain syndrome)

Recovery time

No overnight stay.

Regular exercise of your hand and fingers will help recovery and get your hand back to normal more quickly.

All exercise should be approved by your doctor first.

Your hand may take a little time to feel normal after surgery.

To sum up

This surgery is recommended to reinstate hand function and to straighten your fingers.

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