Treating your foot & ankle

When you consider that there are 28 bones working under substantial pressure and weight, it will come as little surprise that the foot and ankle is a common area of your body to be prone to problem and injuries. These complaints can range from breaks, fractures, strains and sprains to other conditions such as issues with the tendon, malformed bones and arthritis.

No matter what problem you may be experiencing, we can help. We offer a complete, effective and specialist orthopaedic treatment. Whether this is a straightforward bunion correction or an intricate reconstructive surgery, our highly experienced orthopaedic specialists, orthopaedic nurse specialists, foot and ankle surgeons, physiotherapists and podiatrists will be able to offer you a comprehensive level of care. These experts will be on hand to offer you the reassurance and peace of mind you require throughout every stage of any procedure, from diagnosis and treatment to postoperative support.
From there, our specialist orthopaedic specialists can recommend any appropriate follow-up treatment, such as non-invasive procedures or minimally-invasive procedures such as ligament repairs, complex ankle surgeries, repair of the Achilles tendon and reconstructive surgery.

Our team also works side by side with musculoskeletal physiotherapists who can help with rehabilitation to get you back to an optimum level of fitness in the shortest possible time.

Budapest Medical Services organizes and provides treatment for a wide range of foot and ankle problems and injuries, and many more besides. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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